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Android Studio - with Junit 4.12 “!!! JUnit version 3.8 or later expected:”

Tried out the suggestions on this post, but I still get the error:

!!! JUnit version 3.8 or later expected:

java.lang.RuntimeException: Stub!
at junit.runner.BaseTestRunner.<init>(BaseTestRunner.java:5)
at junit.textui.TestRunner.<init>(TestRunner.java:54)
at junit.textui.TestRunner.<init>(TestRunner.java:48)
at junit.textui.TestRunner.<init>(TestRunner.java:41)

Process finished with exit code -3

Not sure what to do from here. Tried reorganizing the order of the Junit dependency. No luck, anyone else get this issue?

Android Studio V.

Answer Source

Solved the issue. I was running the JUnit tests as a standard "JUnit test" in Android Studio. I fixed the issue by resetting the configuration as a Android Test.

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