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Error in using "dumpdecrypted" to decrypt ios application

I am trying to use 'dumpdecrypted' to decrypt iOS Application.
In accordance with README, I compiled dumpdecrypted.dylib and send it to my Device, and I run command like below:

IPad-mini:/var/mobile root# DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES=dumpdecrypted.dylib /var/mobile/Applications/XXXXX

But there was an error.

dyld: could not load inserted library 'dumpdecrypted.dylib' because no suitable image found. Did find:
dumpdecrypted.dylib: stat() failed with errno=1

Trace/BPT trap:5

How can I solve this problem??

my Device is iPad mini(iOS7.1.2 Jailbreaked).

Answer Source

put dumpdecrypted.dylib in /usr/lib


cd /usr/lib


execute the command

DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES=dumpdecrypted.dylib /var/mobile/Applications/D9DC2DBC-3C80-43E8-AF79-C01480A46271/ mach-o decryption dumper

you will find the output in /usr/lib

thats it..

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