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What happens if I don't call Dispose on the pen object?

What happens if I don't call

on the
object in this code snippet?

private void panel_Paint(object sender, PaintEventArgs e)
var pen = Pen(Color.White, 1);
//Do some drawing

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The Pen will be collected by the GC at some indeterminate point in the future, whether or not you call Dispose.

However, any unmanaged resources held by the pen (e.g., a GDI+ handle) will not be cleaned up by the GC. The GC only cleans up managed resources. Calling Pen.Dispose allows you to ensure that these unmanaged resources are cleaned up in a timely manner and that you aren't leaking resources.

Now, if the Pen has a finalizer and that finalizer cleans up the unmanaged resources then those said unmanaged resources will be cleaned up when the Pen is garbage collected. But the point is that:

  1. You should call Dispose explicitly so that you release your unmanaged resources, and
  2. You shouldn't need to worry about the implementation detail of if there is a finalizer and it cleans up the unmanaged resources.

Pen implements IDisposable. IDisposable is for disposing unmanaged resources. This is the pattern in .NET.

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