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C++ Question

Can Visual Studio 2010 prompt before rebuilding?

Any way to have Visual Studio 2010 prompt before rebuilding, or any other way to make it easier to avoid hitting "Rebuild" instead of "Build"?

I've wasted countless hours when I right click on a project and select "Rebuild" on accident when I meant to click "Build".

This is for a native C++ solution.


Visual Studio 2010 allows for customization of the menus. You can remove the "Rebuild" item from the Project context menu. Or you may want to just move the "Rebuild" command away from the "Build" command so that you will be less likely to accidentally hit the wrong item.

From VS 2010,

  • Select the Tools Menu
  • Select Customize...
  • Select the Commands tab
  • Select the "Context menu" radio button and select "Project and Solution Context Menus | Project"
  • Select "Rebuild" and move it or remove it.