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Javascript Question

Passing string with space character as parameter to on-click function generated by javascript

My hypertlink generated by JavaScript is as follows:

'<a href="#" onClick=passSearchTerm("' +aa + '");>View</a>'

The parameter passes wells when the string is as follows:

var aa = 'TAGS(\\"ab\\")';

I confirmed it by alerting inside the function

function passSearchTerm(aa)

However, this wont alert when the var is defined as follows:

var aa = 'TAGS(\"a b\")'; //space between "a" and "b"

Can anyone suggest me how to pass such string? Thanks in advance for your help.
Actually I am trying to pass likely following string:

TAGS("a or b")

Answer Source

While generating ur hyperlink by javascript use encodeURIComponent ex.

"<a href=\"#\" onclick=\"passSearchTerm('" + encodeURIComponent(aa) + "')\">View</a>"

and while retriving use decodeURIComponent

function passSearchTerm(aa) { alert(decodeURIComponent(aa)); }
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