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PHP Question

Checking Array For Multiple Values and Change Output If Value Exists

After wrenching my brain for multiple hours, trying multiple solutions and checking Stack Overflow for PHP-based solutions to my problem -- I'm reaching out for help.

What I'm trying to accomplish (via PHP):

  1. Check array to see if certain values exist.

  2. For each value that does -> show green checkmark icon

  3. If the value doesn't exist -> show red X icon

My problem:

  1. I'm performing the above steps, checking for multiple values.

  2. I'm trying to call the API endpoint that I receive the array data from only one time, instead of once per check.

Example Setup:

amenitiesArray = ['amenityX', 'smoking', 'pets', 'amenityY', 'amenityZ', 'amenityA', 'linens', 'amenityB', 'wifi']

If amenitiesArray contains smoking, show a green check.

If amenitiesArray doesn't contain smoking, show a red X.

Perform the above 2 steps, checking for multiple other values...like...

If amenitiesArray contains pets, show a green check.

If amenitiesArray doesn't contain pets, show a red X.

All values I'm looking for: linens, wifi, pets and smoking.

Helpful Note: The amenitiesArray values are different for each product/rental property. The amenitiesArray may or may not contain the values I'm checking for.

Ultimately, for each rental property, I'm trying to display a table that looks like this: http://i.imgur.com/jEnXUb6.png

What is the best way to achieve this with PHP?

Answer Source

just use in_array() I'm always checking for the same 4 values (smoking, linens, wifi, linens). For each of the 4 values, I need to display a green check if it exists in the array, or a red X if it does not.

As per comment this what you need to do using in_array

`$amenitiesArray = ['amenityX', 'smoking', 'pets', 'amenityY', 'amenityZ', 'amenityA', 'linens', 'amenityB', 'wifi'] //from api`

 $your_data = ['smoking','pets','linens','wifi'];

echo "<table boder='1px'>";
echo "<thead>";
echo "<tr><th>column1</th><th>colum2</th></tr>";
echo "</thead>";
echo "<tbody>";
foreach($your_data as $row)

    echo "<tr><td>".$row."</td>";

           echo "<td>green icon html</td>";
          echo "<td>red icon html</td>";
      echo "</tr>";

  echo "</tbody>";
  echo "</table>";
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