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C Question

OSX lacks memalign

I'm working on a project in C and it requires memalign(). Really, posix_memalign() would do as well, but darwin/OSX lacks both of them.

What is a good solution to shoehorn-in memalign? I don't understand the licensing for posix-C code if I were to rip off memalign.c and put it in my project- I don't want any viral-type licensing LGPL-ing my whole project.

Answer Source

Mac OS X appears to be 16-byte mem aligned.

Quote from the website:

I had a hard time finding a definitive statement on MacOS X memory alignment so I did my own tests. On 10.4/intel, both stack and heap memory is 16 byte aligned. So people porting software can stop looking for memalign() and posix_memalign(). It’s not needed.

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