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JSON Question

PHP file displaying same JSON after change

I have a strange problem with my app.
I have a PHP file on my server that echoes a JSON and I am fetching it from Android app.

If i change the PHP file, then also it gives the same JSON i dont know why and how.

If I fetch the file from browser, it displays correct JSON.

And now when i rename the file it displays the correct output.

I am fed up with this behavior.
Somebody please help.

Answer Source

This sounds a lot like a caching issue. There are number of different options you can try to bust the caching.

One method that pretty much always works is to place a random query string value to end of the URL. Something like a timestamp is a good option as it is always new but a random string works too.

For example, if you URL was:

The new URL would be:<timestamp or random string>

Other options include adding Cache-Control headers (and more) but the query string trick works and is easy to implement.

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