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How to find max value for Double and Float in Swift

Current learning Swift, there are ways to find max and min value for different kind of Integer like


Is there a way to find max value for Double and Float? Moreover, which document should I refer for this kind of question? I am currently reading Apple's The Swift Programming Language.

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While there’s no Double.max, it is defined in the C float.h header, which you can access in Swift via import Darwin.

import Darwin

let fmax = FLT_MAX
let dmax = DBL_MAX

These are roughly 3.4 * 10^38 and 1.79 * 10^308 respectively.

But bear in mind it’s not so simple with floating point numbers (it’s never simple with floating point numbers). When holding numbers this large, you lose precision in a similar way to losing precision with very small numbers, so:

let d = DBL_MAX
let e = d - 1.0
let diff = d - e
diff == 0.0  // true

let maxPlusOne = DBL_MAX + 1
maxPlusOne == d  // true

let inf = DBL_MAX * 2
// perhaps infinity is the “maximum” 
inf == Double.infinity  // true

So before you get into some calculations that might possibly brush up against these limits, you should probably read up on floating point. Here and here are probably a good start.

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