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ms sql temporal table find history on column where last changed

I need a query on temperal table's history table, to find the last time a column value changed and what the difference was vs now. As there are other changes that are also recorded in the table I need to find only the change where to column data changed, then find out by how much and when it changed

my temperal history table looks like this

Id |Price |LastModifiedDate |other data
------ |---------------|------------------|--------
696733 |9995 |08/Nov/2016 09:30 |1 -other change
696733 |9995 |06/Nov/2016 09:28 |2 -price change -current price
696733 |10995 |30/Oct/2016 09:29 |2 -other change - prev price
696733 |10995 |29/Oct/2016 09:29 |3 -other change
696733 |10995 |26/Oct/2016 10:10 |4 -other change
696733 |10995 |26/Oct/2016 08:42 |5 -other change
696733 |10995 |25/Oct/2016 10:11 |6 -price change -
696733 |11595 |22/Oct/2016 09:50 |6 -other change - old old price
696733 |11595 |21/Oct/2016 15:26 |7 -other change

So id be looking to return 9995 as current price and 10995 as the previous price and the date of change as 06/Nov/2016 09:28 and ignore any other previous price changes. I will need to then filter on the results to check if the change was say 28 days ago so it need to be a solution I can put into a sub query or cross apply

I been trying to use "OVER(order" by to avoid using lost of nested queries

thanks in advance


My sql fiddle example!6/05db1/7

note sql fiddle doesn't support temperal tables so had to mimic it a bit

Answer Source

You can use an OUTER APPLY with an ORDER BY to get the most recent history record that was a different price than the current price (assuming the current price is in the Pricing table).

    p.Price AS current_price,
    ph.Price AS prev_price,
    ph.LastModifiedDate AS prev_price_date
FROM [Pricing] p
        SELECT TOP 1 ph1.Price, ph1.LastModifiedDate
        FROM [PriceHistory] ph1
        WHERE ph1.Id = p.Id
            AND ph1.Price <> p.Price
        ORDER BY ph1.LastModifiedDate DESC
    ) AS ph
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