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How to use Twitter Bootstrap popovers for jQuery validation notifications?

I can make popovers appear using bootstrap easily enough, and I can also do validations using the standard jQuery validation plugin or the jQuery validation engine, but I can't figure out how to feed one into the other.

I think what I need is some hook which is called by the validator when it wants to display a notification, give it a closure that passes the message and the target element to a popover. This seems like a kind of dependency injection.

All nice in theory, but I just can't figure out where that hook is, or even if one exists in either validation engine. They both seem intent on taking responsibility for displaying notifications with all kinds of elaborate options for placement, wrappers, styles when all I'm after is the error type(s) (I don't necessarily even need message text) and element it relates to. I've found hooks for the entire form, not the individual notifications.

I much prefer validation systems that use classes to define rules, as they play nicely with dynamically created forms.

Anyone have a solution or a better idea?

Answer Source

Take a look at the highlight and showErrors jQuery Validator options, these will let you hook in your own custom error highlights that trigger Bootstrap popovers.

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