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How to use cscope?

I am using cscope to get familiar with all the keywords used in socket programming. I went to the directory with c files. I used cscope. and then I searched for AF_INET. I got this :

#define AF_AX25 PF_AX25

This was a full page. I only published part of it. Now I want to know from where this PF_INET is coming? what command I should use. I have seen a guy to double click on PF_INEt and using some command to find it. I don't know what the command is? Kindly help me in this.

The second thing is when i quit the page with :q command. I come to this page :

Global definition: AF_INET

File Line
0 socket.h 119 #define AF_INET PF_INET

Find this C symbol:
Find this global definition:
Find functions called by this function:
Find functions calling this function:
Find this text string:
Change this text string:
Find this egrep pattern:
Find this file:
Find files #including this file:

here the cursor is blinking at 0. If I want to search again something, how I will do?
How to navigate from here. I tried to google it but unable to understand anything from the tutoials. Please help me in this regard as I am complete noob to linux operating system and c programming. Thanks in advance.

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I agree that cscope documentation is not very clear.

Use tab to move to the interactive part. Type your symbol name in “find this C symbol” or “Find this egrep pattern” and validate pressing RETURN.

If you want to call it from vim, type :help if_cscop.txt; hoping it helps!

:cscope add your_cscope_database
:cscope find s [your_symbol]

This will make a new quickfix list. use :cn and :cp to navigate, :cnf and :cpf to navigate from file to file in the results, and :colder and :cnewer to restore previous quickfix lists.

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