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How to force the server to send back an HTTP error 500 when my HealthIndicator returns DOWN

I have a this class which does NOT implement HealthIndicator :

public class HSMHealthIndicator {

/* constructor */
public HSMHealthIndicator() {

errorMessage = "";

public Health health() {

if (checkHSMStatus() != 0) {
return Health.down().withDetail("Error Code", checkHSMStatus()).build();
return Health.up().build();

private int checkHSMStatus() {
try {
catch (Exception e){
logger.error("Exception", e);
return 1;
return 0;


This HealthIndicator is used by a HSMandDbEndpoint class implementing the Endpoint interface :

public class HSMandDbEndpoint implements Endpoint {

private String host;
private int port;

public HSMandDbEndpoint(String host, int port) { = host;
this.port = port;


public String invoke() {

StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
HSMHealthIndicator h = new HSMHealthIndicator();
Status s =;
sb.append("Status of the HSM : " + s.getCode());
if (Status.DOWN.getCode().equalsIgnoreCase(s.getCode()))
sb.append(" - " + h.getErrorMessage());
return sb.toString();

When I do some tests with an IP address different from the HSM's one, I have "DOWN" as expected. But I have code 200 in the HTTP response. I would like that it sends back an HTTP error 500. How can I do?

Answer Source

That should probably be a 503 not a 500. Your invoke method should return a ResponseEntity. You can look at the source code of HealthMvcEndpoint for more details.

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