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Activity Declaration in AndroidManifest.xml

I have a runtime error on my stock quoting application. I have an app where you input your a stock (as in stock market) code and will list it with two buttons. One button to display a quote and the other to view more info from the web. The web function is fine but the app crashes when I hit the quote button.

LogCat is asking me whether I declared my activity in my AndroidManifest.xml. I am still new to Android development so this is the best of which I can analyze the problem. I am not sure where to look for these errors.

Just use 'mstf' as a stock code if you need to test a fix.

You can find my app here:

I would also appreciate any tips on debugging tools or techniques for Android.


You have two activities in your package,But have only declared one in manifest.

Declare the other Activity class :

Add this to your manifest