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Delete and Redeploy Rails app to heroku

I have a rails app that is deployed to Heroku. I recently made a ton of changes, deleted old migrations, recreated new migrations, rebased and dealt with merge conflicts....the list goes on.

Now, I want to wipe my entire heroku "production" app from heroku and redeploy my code from my github

branch to Heroku.

Is there an easy or "right" way to delete my app on Heroku, wipe it clean, and then redeploy?

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If you don't want to delete the entire application (perhaps you want to keep your add-ons and other configuration the same), you can reset the database and force update the code.

Deploy your new code, forcing the update by using the -f flag:

git push heroku master -f

Drop and recreate the database:

heroku pg:reset <DATABASE>

Migrate the fresh database:

heroku run rake db:migrate
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