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MySQL Question

PDO utf-8 character issue

I'm currently working on a project, and instead of using regular MySQL queries I thought I'd go ahead and learn how to use PDO.

I have a table called contestants, both the database, the table, and all of the columns are in utf-8. I have ten entries in the contestant table, and their column "name" contains characters such as åäö.

Now, when I fetch an entry from the database, and var_dump the name, I get a good result, a string with all the special characters intact. But what I need to do is to split the string by characters, to get them in an array that I then shuffle.

For instance, I have this string:
Test ÅÄÖ Tåän

And when I run str_split I get each character in it's own key in an array. The only issue is that all the special characters display as this: �, meaning the array will be like this:

[0] => T
[1] => e
[2] => s
[3] => t
[4] =>
[5] => �
[6] => �
[7] => �
[8] => �
[9] => �
[10] => �
[11] =>
[12] => T
[13] => �
[14] => �
[15] => �
[16] => �
[17] => n

As you can see, it not only messes up the characters, but it also duplicates them in str_split process. I've tried several ways to split the string, but they all have the same issue. When I output the string before the split, it shows the special characters just fine.

This is my dbConn.php code:

// Require config file:

// Start PDO connection:
$dbHandle = new PDO("mysql:host=$dbHost;dbname=$dbName;charset=utf-8", $dbUser, $dbPass);
$dbHandle -> exec("SET CHARACTER SET utf8");

// Set error reporting:

And this is the code that I use to fetch from the database and loop:

// Require files:

// Get random artist:
$artist = $dbHandle->query("SELECT * FROM ".ARTIST_TABLE." WHERE id = 11 ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 1");
$artist = $artist->fetch();

// Split name:
$artistChars = str_split($artist->name);

I'm connecting with utf-8, my php file is utf-8 without BOM and no other special characters on this page share this issue. What could be wrong, or what am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance //

Answer Source

str_split does not work with multi-byte characters, it will only return the first byte - thus invalidating your characters. you could use mb_split.

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