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Searching and printing multi-dimensional array

Wondering if I can have some direction and clarity in what I need to do. I am taking an input (text input) and searching a CSV file which I can convert to an array.

I have figured out to search it with this:

$keys = array_keys(array_column($csv, 0), $SearchThis);

is my array (multidimensional), and
is the input to search for.

My problem is that
makes an array with values of which row that data was found in.

I want to be able to display a table with those rows out of the main array
. (Each row has a list of data that will be displayed on the table.)

I am fairly new to PHP, so I hope this is an easy fix?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Especially the logic behind taking rows from the arrays etc.

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Well if your code is returning the correct rows already, then all you need to do is filter the array to contain only those rows. For example:

$keys = array_keys(array_column($csv, 0), $SearchThis);  // Your original code
$new_csv = [];                                           // [] is shorthand for an empty array.
foreach($keys as $index) {                               // Iterate over the keys
    $new_csv[] = $csv[$index];                           // Copy the matching rows to our new array

$new_csv will now contain only the matching rows from the original now.