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Xcode 8 | iOS 10 simulator "Error returned in reply: Connection invalid"

While I am try to run an app in the iOS 10 simulator using

I get these alerts frequently. They randomly appear two at a time and it is not apparent what is triggering them.

Below is Image for Error I got.

Error Screen shot.

I tried Following things.

  • Clean & Rebuild an app

  • Restart xcode & Simulator

  • Clear Derived Data & Rebuild application.

Answer Source

Even I was getting the same error. Issue in my case was I was working on xcode 7.3 and its simulator was open, later on I closed xcode 7 and opened xcode 8 and tried running app and got the above error.

I guess its happening because of both the simulator were open, it got solved when I closed my older simulator. Seem to be some problem while xcode 8 was trying to establish connection with simulator.

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