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C Question

How can a macro definition be passed as an argument to make?

I wish to define a C macro by passing it as an argument to

, which is called from the command-line.

Background: I want the directive
#define ENABLE_OPT 1
to be included in my C source code when a certain build option is chosen. Thus, I want this to be done via the
command-line instead of modifying the source code or the makefile.

How can this be achieved? I find that
make -DENABLE_OPT=1 -f Makefile
throws errors that 'E', 'N' etc. are invalid arguments to make.

Answer Source

You can use --eval, which will evaluate the string as a makefile statement:

make --eval="FLAGS+= -D ENABLE_OPT=1"

The make variable FLAGS is then used as a compiler argument to compile the code.

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