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R Question

Exclude columns by names in mutate_at in dplyr

I am trying to do something very simple, and yet can't figure out the right way to specify. I simply want to exclude some named columns from

. It works fine if I specify position, but I don't want to hard code positions.

For example, I want the same output as this:

mtcars %>% mutate_at(-c(1, 2), max)

But, by specifying
column names.

I tried many things, including:

mtcars %>% mutate_at(-c('mpg', 'cyl'), max)

Is there a way to work with names and exclusion in

Answer Source

You can use vars to specify the columns, which works the same way as select() and allows you to exclude columns using -:

mtcars %>% mutate_at(vars(-mpg, -cyl), max)
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