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NodeJS fs and require looking in different places

I am trying to loop through a directory and require every file in it. My code is working, but I was wondering why I had to modify the path in fs functions. (Code below stripped of useless info)

Folder structure:

|-- bin
| `-- start
|-- modules
| |-- file1.js
| `-- file2.js
`-- package.json


#!/usr/bin/env node

// Require dependencies
var fs = require('fs')

// Get modules
// NOTE: fs is looking in the project folder, but this file is in the bin folder
fs.readdir('./modules', function (err, files) {
// Handle error
if (err) {

// Loop through files
files.forEach(function (file, index) {
// Get info about file
fs.stat('./modules/' + file, function (err, stat) {
// Handle error
if (err) {

// If it is a file
if (stat.isFile()) {
// NOTE: require is looking in the bin folder, and this file is in the bin folder
require('../modules/' + file)


"name": "modular-chat",
"version": "1.0.0",
"description": "A simple modular example of a chat application",
"scripts": {
"start": "node ./bin/start"
"author": "JoshyRobot",
"license": "MIT"

Answer Source

require is a Node function. It's just that require uses __dirname as the basename when resolving relative paths rather than the current working directory which is also the result of process.cwd().

You simply need to join __dirname to your relative paths before passing them to fs functions. Using using path.join(__dirname, '../modules') and path.join(__dirname, '../modules', file). Use these in your fs.readdir and fs.stat calls:

fs.readdir(path.join(__dirname, '../modules'), function (err, files) {

fs.stat(path.join(__dirname, '../modules', file), function (err, stat) {

This makes both your fs calls and the require align so that the right files are loaded.

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