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Navigation Bar and Tab Bar in Cordova


I have an iOS app in the app store, but it's running on a very old version of Cordova that needs to be updated. Unfortunately, the plugins I have been using for the navigation bar and for the tab bar are not compatible with the current version of iOS.

There are HTML toolkits that include this type of functionality, but in my case, I can't use them. I'm actually loading the web app from a web server rather than locally, and any communication errors would break HTML navigation. (I realize this is not ideal, but it is beyond my control.)


I have searched for other navigation bar and tab bar plugins, but I haven't found anything of interest. It seems to me that I'm missing something. Is there an easier way to add navigation controls to a Cordova app? Is there a plugin that I haven't found?

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I ultimately just fixed the AndiDog plugins to work on iOS8.

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