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I have this query in MSSQL 2012

DELETE FROM [DB1].[dbo].[Newsletter]
WHERE [DB1].[dbo].[Newsletter].RecordID IN
(SELECT TOP(100) *
FROM [DB1].[dbo].[Newsletter] LEFT JOIN [DB1].[dbo].[Newsletter_Tracking]
ON RecordId=Newsletter_Tracking.UserId
WHERE Newsletter.DateSubscribed<'2010-01-01')

The select without the delete works ok. It returns all the rows which are not in left table and which are older than 2010.

And I get this error:

Msg 116, Level 16, State 1, Line
Only one expression can be specified in the select list when the subquery is not introduced with EXISTS.

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Answer Source

When you use the IN operator the subquery must return one single column/value which means you can't use select *.

In your case it should most likely be:

DELETE FROM [DB1].[dbo].[Newsletter] 
WHERE [DB1].[dbo].[Newsletter].RecordID IN (
  SELECT [DB1].[dbo].[Newsletter].RecordID
  FROM [DB1].[dbo].[Newsletter] 
  LEFT JOIN [DB1].[dbo].[Newsletter_Tracking] ON RecordId = Newsletter_Tracking.UserId
  WHERE Newsletter.DateSubscribed<'2010-01-01'

Also, using top without any order by clause will give you a random result - top should always by used in conjunction with an order by clause.

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