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Meaning of square brackets [] in MS-SQL table designer?

I have a copy of an existing database with existing records. when i was playing around with the table designer and noticed some of the column names have [] around them. they all seem to be arbitrary typed (float, datetime, netext, nvarchar etc) and there is nothing in column properties that gets rid of the []. I tried to rename delete the [] but it reappaears as soon as I exit edit.

according to this post, it is a keyword column for xml columns? but none of those columns are xml columns. Would someone kindly explain the purpose of this to a ms-sql newbie? thanks

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The square brackets [] are used to delimit identifiers. This is necessary if the column name is a reserved keyword or contains special characters such as a space or hyphen.

Some users also like to use square brackets even when they are not necessary.

From MSDN:

Delimited identifiers

Are enclosed in double quotation marks (") or brackets ([ ]). Identifiers that comply with the rules for the format of identifiers may or may not be delimited.

FROM [TableX]         --Delimiter is optional.
WHERE [KeyCol] = 124  --Delimiter is optional.

Identifiers that do not comply with all of the rules for identifiers must be delimited in a Transact-SQL statement.

FROM [My Table]      --Identifier contains a space and uses a reserved keyword.
WHERE [order] = 10   --Identifier is a reserved keyword.
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