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Apache Configuration Question

Setting domain name for ip address on pi (Apache, DHCP)

I set up my pi to broadcast it's own "wifi" and I have an Apache server running on it.

I used this tutorial

I can currently connect to the network that the pi is set up with and go to the ip of the server on my phone and it brings up the webpage, but I want to be able to type in "" and have it bring me to the webpage. Can anyone help me with this or suggest anything?

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you can modify /etc/hosts file on your local machine to point the custom domain name to the IP address of the environment you want to test. The /etc/hosts file contains a mapping of IP addresses to URLs.

Your browser uses entries in the /etc/hosts file to override the IP-address-to-URL mapping returned by a DNS server.

This is only useful for testing DNS (domain name system) changes and the SSL configuration before making a website live.

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