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Linux Question

WebStorm failing to start with 'idea.system.path' error

I was saving a file earlier and webstorm started throwing errors as I was saving saying the an 'idea' file was read only. It was unresponsive so I killed the process. Aftr I tried to restart WebStorm and I got the following error:

Temp directory '/home/xxxxxx/.WebStorm8/system/tmp' is inaccessible.
If you have modified the 'idea.system.path' property please make sure it is correct,
otherwise please re-install the IDE.

I am using Linux operating system. LXDE to be specific. Also I have not tried to re install the IDE as that will be my last resort. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Answer Source

The cause of this was Linux trying to protect the file system from becoming corrupted. When Linux thinks that a file can become corrupted it switches the files to read only to avoid corruption. A simple restart fixed this problem.

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