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Best Way to Render HTML in WinForms application?

I have a WinForms application, running on .net 3.5. This Application generates HTML on the fly, which includes the complete document, and also an inline-CSS-Stylesheet (inside the head element).

I am using the WebBrowser control and setting browser.DocumentText to my generated HTML, but that does not seem to properly apply styles on the body element (I've set background-color to #000000 in the CSS, but the background is still white).

I wonder if a) there are some alternatives to render relatively simple HTML in C# (i.e. a completely managed HTML renderer) or b) what would be the best way to render HTML using the WebBrowser control, including correct handling of inline-css and without using a temporary file on the hard drive.

Edit: The CSS-not-applying issue was a separate problem. I've put my actual CSS in a CDATA block, which seems to cause it not to apply correctly. That is now fixed, but the question itself still stands.

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Stayed with the built-in WebBrowser. The HtmlRenderer from the other answer is great, but renders an image.

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