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PHP Question

Switch/Case not working PHP

I'm trying to get into the habit of using switch/case instead of if. I have the following tidbit:

case '0': $perm = "Invalid";
case '1': $perm = "Operator";
case '2': $perm = "Team Lead";
case '3': $perm = "Admin";
default: $perm = "Unknown - ".$res['perm'];

$res['perm'] = (int) 3
.. I tried without the single quotes as well, but it still defaults to "Unknown" .. What am I doing wrong?

Answer Source

You need to break out of the switch or it will always hit default:

    case '0': $perm = "Invalid"; break;
    case '1': $perm = "Operator"; break;
    case '2': $perm = "Team Lead"; break;
    case '3': $perm = "Admin"; break;
    default:  $perm = "Unknown - ".$res['perm'];
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