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C# Question

How to wrap a generic method into a non generic one?

public async Task QueueCallAsync(Task apiCall, RequestType requestType)
// how do you forward the call to the generic implementation while omitting the result?
await QueueCallAsync<Void>(apiCall, requestType);

public async Task<T> QueueCallAsync<T>(Task<T> apiCall, RequestType requestType)

So far all i achieved was recursive calls or non compilable code. I would rather wrap the generic implementation instead of duplicating the code.

Does anyone know how to tell the c# compiler to use the generic method here?

Unlike other questions I am wondering if there is a built in, intended way, to solve this without the use of reflection.

I would rather copy paste code than reflect in this case.

Answer Source

You can simply wrap task into another that returns fake int value:

async Task<int> Wrap(Task t)
    await t;
    return 42;

await QueueCallAsync<int>(Wrap(apiCall), requestType);

Side note: method name you use could be confusing for users of the method as generally tasks are already running when created and it is too later to "queue" them...

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