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ASP.NET (C#) Question

Disable User injected Javascript into webpage through browser F12 tools

I am making a website. On a button click, the JS function named HeavyTask is called. It has an ajax call to the Action Method that will perform a CPU Heavy task on the server. The button looks like this

<input type="Submit" value="Start" onclick="HeavyTask()" />

But I am worried that someone may press F12, right click any element-> Edit as HTML and inject script like this

setInterval(HeavyTask, 100);

And cause the server CPU to waste all its processing power and cause website to lag. I tried to do this from chrome. I was able to change HTML Elements, but not able to run this Script. But there may be some browsers/other techniques that will allow. Should I worry about it, or not. If yes, how can I fix this so that user can't call the function for second time until the first call returns. My backend technology is ASP.NET. Thanks

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You can't do anything on the client that can't be overridden, but you can stop the process being executed more than once on the server, simply by setting and checking a server-side variable...

public void PerformHeavyTask()
    if (Session["HeavyTaskRunning"] == true)

    Session["HeavyTaskRunning"] = true;

    // perform heavy task

    Session["HeavyTaskRunning"] = false;

This will allow multiple clients to request the same heavy task, though, and that might not be ideal.

(I've assumed C# on the server)

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