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Spring JMSListener - How should it handle empty payloads?

I asked basically the same thing a few months ago with this post: How should a Spring JMS listener handle a message with an empty payload?, but all I got was a measly comment suggesting I "re-write my listener to do what I want". Valid statement, but unclear in my eyes as I'm still coming to grips with Spring-Boot. I've learned since then and want to re-ask this question more directly (as opposed to placing a bounty on the old one).

I set up an annotated bean class with

and my container factory looks like:

public DefaultJmsListenerContainerFactory jmsListenerContainerFactory() {
DefaultJmsListenerContainerFactory factory = new DefaultJmsListenerContainerFactory();
return factory;

And the listener looks like:

@JmsListener(id = "qID", destination = "qName")
public void processOrder(String message) {. . .}

As I understand it, once the annotated bean class gets ran through, the
basically kicks off (unless I set
to false), so I fail to understand where and when I have control over what or how the
handles things. From my perspective it "just runs". So if a queue has
on it or just an empty string, the listener is going to throw an exception. Specifically
org.springframework.messaging.converter.MessageConversionException: No converter found to convert to class java.lang.String
. And this exception is thrown behind the scenes. I never get the chance to execute anything inside the listener

I looked into
but didn't seem to see anything that would allow me to say something like
. That obviously doesn't exist, but that's what I need. What am I missing? Is there a way to tell the
to ignore certain strings?

Answer Source

I took M. Deinum's suggestion (as it seemed quick and clean) and simply made the parameter type javax.jms.Message then converted the incoming message into a string. So my Listener now looks like

public void processOrder(Message message) throws JMSException {
     String convertedMessage = ((TextMessage) message).getText();

This may throw a JMSException, but I'm not too concerned with that as now when my implemented ErrorHandler class is called, I'll now know why and can do something more specific to handle a failed conversion. This does exactly what I need it to.

Edit: And in response to Jonh K's suggestion, the listener did not like having byte[] as a parameter. It basically wanted a converter to converter from byte array to string. Opted out of implementing my own custom converter.

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