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ReactJS state not updated In setState callback

I'm currently building a SIP phone, where the current calls are handled by a SipPhone class, and displayed on the frontend using React. SipPhone has a list of calls which trigger callbacks that a React component is listening to.

The main phone component has an initial state containing an empty Immutable List:

constructor(props) {
this.state = {
calls: List(),

list is updated via an event triggered by callbacks whenever the SipPhone updates.

handleUpdate = ({ calls }) => {
const nextCalls = List(calls.map(call => {
return new Call({ ... }) // Call is an Immutable Record

console.log(nextCalls.toJS()); // This prints the new list I want to save
this.setState({ calls: nextCalls }, () => {
console.log(this.state.calls.toJS()); // The list is empty here

Sometimes it successfully updates the
list, while at other times
doesn't change. When I log the list before setting state, it is as it should be, however when logging in the setState callback it remains unchanged from it's previous state. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

To further test this, I added a state variable
which is incremented each time I set the state here. This change is accurately reflected in the callback, while the calls list remains unchanged.

I can't seem to figure out any reason why it would be doing this. I actually began this project using a normal array rather than an immutable list, and encountered the same issue. I've been using React for quite some time now and have never run into this problem...any thoughts?

Answer Source

It turns out another function in my code was setting the state in certain cases right before componentWillUpdate is called, causing it to disregard the initial call to setState. This was the source of error.

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