YoroDiallo YoroDiallo - 1 year ago 117
AngularJS Question

ui-select with big text crushing my table

In my

I have ui-select field, and when selected text is big
became too wide and that crush all my table. I try to add
to ui-select or ui-select-match but it's not work.

ui-select {
max-width: 10%;

ui-select-match {
max-width: 10%;

How can I fix this? (Plnkr example)

Answer Source

in the final html output ui-select and ui-select-match will be generated as classes. so use the below code to get the desire output.

.ui-select {
  width: 100px;

.ui-select-match {
  width: 100px;

Here is the Plunker code.

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