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jQuery UI accordion: open multiple panels at once

I'm trying to create an accordion able to expand multiple panels at once. I have tried to find it in the jQuery UI API, but I haven't yet found the proper way.

Please let me know if there is a way of doing this using jQuery UI accordion.

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As others have noted, the Accordion widget does not have an API option to do this directly. However, if you must use the widget, it is possible to achieve this by using the beforeActivate event handler option to subvert and emulate the default behavior of the widget.

For example:


    beforeActivate: function(event, ui) {
         // The accordion believes a panel is being opened
        if (ui.newHeader[0]) {
            var currHeader  = ui.newHeader;
            var currContent = currHeader.next('.ui-accordion-content');
         // The accordion believes a panel is being closed
        } else {
            var currHeader  = ui.oldHeader;
            var currContent = currHeader.next('.ui-accordion-content');
         // Since we've changed the default behavior, this detects the actual status
        var isPanelSelected = currHeader.attr('aria-selected') == 'true';

         // Toggle the panel's header
        currHeader.toggleClass('ui-corner-all',isPanelSelected).toggleClass('accordion-header-active ui-state-active ui-corner-top',!isPanelSelected).attr('aria-selected',((!isPanelSelected).toString()));

        // Toggle the panel's icon

         // Toggle the panel's content
        if (isPanelSelected) { currContent.slideUp(); }  else { currContent.slideDown(); }

        return false; // Cancel the default action

See a jsFiddle demo

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