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HTML Question

How to show newlines from textarea in a table?

In a form I have a textarea where obviously text is entered. When the input is finished the content gets submitted to the server and is being stored in a database...

When I display the input the user made within a table, the newlines are not visible. When I inspect the source the newlines are there, but within a table the newlines do not work...

Is there any possibility of displaying the linebreaks within that table?
I know, probably a really silly question but I'm not to pro when it comes to things like html and css...

Any help is really appreciated!

Answer Source

\n won't be rendered as a new line in HTML. You have to use a <br/> to achieve this effect.

Use a string replace to replace all '\n' characters to '<br/>'

If you are using a server side language like C# you can do this

private string PutLineBreaks(string strData)
    string strReplaced = string.Empty;

    Regex r = new Regex("/\n/g");

    strReplaced = r.Replace(strData, "<br/>");

    return strReplaced;
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