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Critical dependencies - the request of a dependency is an expression Webpack

I am using a service in my

application to create
as follows

function modal(modalConfig){
var modalInstance = ${
animation: true,
template: require("../a/b/xyz.html"),
controller: modalConfig.controller,
size: modalConfig.size,
controllerAs: modalConfig.controllerAs,
bindToController : true,
resolve: modalConfig.resolveObj


Please note the line

template: require("../a/b/xyz.html"),

I want to use a variable in its place too like this

template: require(modalConfig.templateUrl),

but when i use a variable in place of hard coded value
gives me

Critical dependencies:
83:22-54 the request of a dependency is an expression

I am not able to resolve this error. What can be the possible reason for it?

I have used
server for continuous
builds. I have looked at other answers too but they didn't solve my query.

Answer Source

After much hit and trial found the solution.What i did is this:

template: require("../../scripts" + modalConfig.templateUrl + ".html")


  1. root folder under which all the file comes is scripts
  2. and the relative path of this folder from the file in which the function is written is say ../../scripts.
  3. ../../scripts + modalConfig.templateUrl + ".html" will form the correct path for the file to be used.

Mandatory Note

  1. Always write some hardcoded path of root folder. Don't put it in variable. so this won't work

    var context = "../../scripts" ; template: require(context + modalConfig.templateUrl + ".html")

The basic path (as in a part of the actual path) has to be hardcoded for basic reference, as in it helps webpack to create a list of all the modules which might be needed for the dynamic requires.

Reason (from webpack docs) , read dynamic requires and context module.