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Automatically delete temporary files in child process in perl

I am forking in a perl script and exiting from parent process after

In child process, then I am creating temporary files by this method in a function

my ( $S_TEMP_FILE, $stmpfile ) = tempfile( UNLINK => 1, DIR => $TMPDIR );

Now the issue is that this temporary file is not getting deleted automatically when I am exiting from function. I have created some temporary files before forking too, but they are getting automatically deleted on exit of functions.I have gone through all the links regarding this but i am not able to figure out the reason for this behaviour.

Answer Source

Files created by tempfile are "automatically removed when the program exits", not when some subroutine exits.

Note that if the program calls _exit or if it's killed by a signal, the program won't get a chance to delete these files.

If you want the file to be deleted sooner, you'll need to delete it yourself or use File::Temp->new() instead of tempfile. (Files created by File::Temp->new() are be deleted when the object is destroyed.)

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