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JS - Undeclared identifier: 'var' in GLSL script

I'm a bit new to HTML and Javascript and within my html, I have the following code:

<script id="fragmentShader" type="x-shader/x-fragment">
precision mediump float;

//varying vec3 fragmentColor; //not needed?
varying vec3 fragmentNormal;
varying vec3 fragmentLight;
varying vec3 fragmentView;

uniform vec3 modelColor;
uniform vec3 lightColor;

void main() {
var m = normalize(fragmentNormal);
var l = normalize(fragmentLight);
var v = normalize(fragmentView);
var h = normalize(l + v);

var d = Math.max(l * m , 0);
var s = Math.pow(Math.max(h * m, 0), 10);

fragmentColor = modelColor * lightColor * d + lightColor * s;

gl_FragColor = vec4(fragmentColor, 1.0);

However, it returns

Failed to compile shader: ERROR: 0:13: 'var' : undeclared identifier
ERROR: 0:13: 'm' : syntax error

Am I not allowed to declare/define variables inside of script tags in HTML?

Answer Source

That code above is not JavaScript it's GLSL. It's the language used to write programs that run on your GPU. It doesn't have a keyword var. Instead to declare variables in GLSL you need to put a type in front of them

vec3 m = normalize(fragmentNormal);

vec3 l = normalize(fragmentLight);
vec3 v = normalize(fragmentView);
vec3 h = normalize(l + v);

vec3 d = max(l * m , 0.0);
vec3 s = pow(max(h * m, 0.0), vec3(10));

I'm not sure what you're trying to do above but all your equations produce vec3.

Also GLSL 1.00 es is strict about types. You can't use vec3 with integers. You have to use floating point numbers. 0.0 instead of 0. The last line there is no function pow that takes a vec3 on the left and a single value on the right so vec3(10) takes the integer 10 and casts it to a vec3. It's the same as saying vec3(10, 10, 10).

Also GLSL doesn't have a Math. library. It's built in functions are global.

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