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JSON Question

Convert value from JsonObject to BigDecimal

I'm a newbiew in java language.
I want to get a value from a

and convert it to
I have the following code:

JsonReader jsonReader;
try {
jsonReader = Json.createReader(httpRequest.getReader());
} catch (IOException e) {
return Response.serverError().entity("Problem reading json body").build();

JsonObject jsonObj = jsonReader.readObject();

Map<String, Object> paramMap = UtilMisc.toMap("productId", productId, "internalName",
jsonObj.getString("internalName"), "productName", jsonObj.getString("productName"), "productTypeId",
jsonObj.getString("productTypeId"), "login.username", username, "login.password", password,
"description", jsonObj.getString("description"), "longDescription", jsonObj.getString("longDescription"),
"productHeight", (BigDecimal)jsonObj.get("productHeight"));

What I want is to do something similar to

Thank you.

Answer Source

First, jsonObj.get is not a method, so surely that's the error.

Second, I don't think that casting any object to a BigDecimal is going to work like that.

Reading the API...

Going down from JsonReader to BigDecimal

   > JsonObject
       > JsonNumber
          > BigDecimal 

You can do


This assumes that productHeight is a numeric value, and not a string, though.

If it is a String, look at BigDecimal constructors. Specifically the one that takes a String value.

new BigDecimal(jsonObj.getString("productHeight"))
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