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Checking if browser is in fullscreen

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Detecting if a browser is in full screen mode

Is there a way to check if a browser is currently in fullscreen mode (after the user pressed f11)?

Something like:

if (window.fullscreen) {
// it's fullscreen!
else {
// not fs!


Steerpike's answer is pretty good, but my comment:

Thanks a lot, but this answer is not
sufficient for FF. In Chrome I can set
a small tolerance, but in FF the
urlbar and tabs takes a while to
disappear, which means after pressing
f11, the detected window.innerWidth is
still too small.

Answer Source

In Firefox 3, window.fullScreen works (

So, you could potentially do something like this:

if((window.fullScreen) ||
   (window.innerWidth == screen.width && window.innerHeight == screen.height)) {

} else {

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