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Objective-C Question

How to make NSView display immediately while in loop?

I have a loop that iterates 1 million times doing some calculations on a dataSet.

To show the progress of these calculations, I'd like to display the dataSet in an NSView periodically, say, every 10,000 loop iterations, then pause for 1 second so I can see the dataSet displayed in its current state.

for(j=0; j<1000000; j++)
{ some calculations on dataSet

if(j%10000 == 0){
[myView display] //[myView drawRect:] will show current state of dataSet

... pause for a second to see the dataSet in myView

So in this case I want 10 display updates, roughly 1 every second.

I've tried all sorts of ways, from using NSTimers to [NSThread sleepForTimeInterval], but so far I am only seeing the view updated after the loop has finished.

It doesn't matter if the thread/UI is blocked, as it's only to visualize my own calculations.

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For sleep


example for one second

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