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How to change HTTP URL in FHIR Listener while using mirth connect?

I am trying to use the FHIR Listener extension in mirth connect. I want to use a sample FHIR server to test the process but i am not able to change the HTTP URL in FHIR Listener Settings. Is there any way I can change that?

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We cannot change the URL of either HTTP url or FHIR listener url. It will always remain localhost. If you are trying read a sample data from the any test server try as below:

  • Go to the HTTP sender
  • select GET and paste the URL there test the connection.
  • deploy the channel and send some RAW data if your URL is correct you will get the response in Mirth.
  • In destination under navigate to "EDIT RESPONSE" portion and type the following to consume the response and print it (or) manipulate the response.
  var ResponseMessage = response.getMessage();
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