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C# Question

Debug.Writeline is Not printing anything

VS 2010 Pro, C#, WinForms:
at the very beginning of my method I am saying Debug.Writeline("entering method blah");
then somewhere inside this method I am putting some breakpoints and run the program. so I see that execution is stopped at those break points, so it is here! but if I search the Output->Debug combobox mode and also Immediate window I cannot find the message I has written for Denug.Writeline anywhere...I also tried that check box setting in Debug options that says "Redirect all output to Immediate window"....did not help either.

Answer Source

Discussed already in the comments, but I wasn't sure until discussing it there. However:

  • calls to Debug.Whatever(...) are typically marked with [Conditional("DEBUG")], meaning they require the DEBUG symbol to be defined, otherwise those calls are not compiled
  • a default project has DEBUG and TRACE defined for the "Debug" profile, and TRACE for the "Release" profile
  • however, you can disable the DEBUG symbol via a checkbox in "project properties"

So; go to project-properties, and ensure the DEBUG symbol is defined (or not) as appropriate for your needs (for any-and-all profiles that exist in your project).

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