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Sass (Sass) Question

Working CSS does not apply to element when using different selectors?

I am working on fixing an issue I am seeing with a


Currently I have something like this

<textarea class="wysihtml wysi-fix" required></textarea>

I have some CSS that looks like this

//some css here

The .wysi-fix CSS works on the textarea, however if I change the textarea to...

<textarea class="wysihtml" required></textarea>

and I change the CSS to

//the css goes here

The CSS no longer works, even though both selectors are selecting the same element on the HTML page. If it helps, I am using SASS instead of vanilla CSS. Any idea as to what is going on?

Answer Source

According to MDN, your attribute selector should work.

Possibly you have to use [required="required"] as attribute selector with a markup like <textarea class="wysihtml" required="required"></textarea>:

  //the css goes here

But a better way would be to use the :required pseudo class:

  //the css goes here
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