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ASP.NET (C#) Question

Regarding Maintenance mode in ASP.NET Core

I am working on ASP.NET Core web app with MVC6. I want to implement maintenance mode in my web app such that only certain type of users are allowed to login to web app when it is under maintenance mode. For example all user EXCEPT user with role

are allowed to login. To achieve this functionality I tried following code.

//Sign in user with provided username and password
var res = await _signInManager.PasswordSignInAsync(suser.UserName, user.Password, user.Remember, false);
if (res.Succeeded)
//check if web app is under maintenance mode and if it is, then check the role of the user
if (_env.IsEnvironment("Maintenance") && await _userManager.IsInRoleAsync(suser, "user"))
return View("Maintenance"); //if user is in 'user' role redirect to maintenance view
//else redirect to main page

The above code is executed when specific user tries to login to web app. The problem with above code is that it won't work when user is already logged in and tries to access the web app. in that case it will be redirected to the main page of web app regardless of maintenance mode. How do Logout already logged in user when they tried to access web app under maintenance mode?

Answer Source

Create an action filter or a middle ware that executes the same check for every request

To read more about filters, check this link

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