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NativeScript + angular 2 : Use of back button click listener

I am developing cross platform mobile application using NativeScript + Angular 2.

I want to handle back button click of the current View, i.e. when user clicks on back button in android device, i want to perform an action like killing / removing the current view from the stack.

For ex: In android platform (Native Development) we can use

method of the activity for removing it from the stack. We can handle onBackPressed() like -

public void onBackPressed()
finish(); //Removes current Activity from stack

So is there any way to handle
method in NativeScript + angular 2? I googled a lot but didn't find any solution and also tried
in NativeScript + Angular 2, but didn't worked for me. It works great in NativeScript + JavaScript.

Answer Source

What you need to implement going back is to inject Location and use the method back()

import {Location} from '@angular/common';

@Component({ ... })
export class MyComponent {
    constructor(private location: Location) { }

    public goBack() {

At this point when the user goes back, you shouldn't worry about explicitly destroying the view as there is no mobile option for going "forward"

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