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iOS: Can't save file to 'Application Support' folder, but can to 'Documents'

I can download and save a binary file to the 'Documents' folder with a custom name perfectly fine.

If I just change the URL to the 'Application Support' folder instead of the 'Documents' folder, it fails to write to that URL saying it doesn't exist.

Here's the URL construction code:

- ( NSURL * ) getSaveFolder
NSURL * appSupportDir = nil;
NSURL * appDirectory = nil;
NSArray * possibleURLs = [[NSFileManager defaultManager] URLsForDirectory:NSApplicationSupportDirectory inDomains:NSAllDomainsMask];

if ( [possibleURLs count] >= 1 )
appSupportDir = [possibleURLs objectAtIndex:0];

if ( appSupportDir != nil)
NSString * appBundleID = [[NSBundle mainBundle] bundleIdentifier];
appDirectory = [appSupportDir URLByAppendingPathComponent:appBundleID];

return appSupportDir;

Here's the saving code:

- ( void ) writeOutDataToFile:( NSData * )data

NSURL * finalURL = [self.rootPathURL URLByAppendingPathComponent:self.aFileName];

[data writeToURL:finalURL atomically:YES];

If I change the NSArray to:

NSArray * possibleURLs = [[NSFileManager defaultManager] URLsForDirectory:NSDocumentDirectory inDomains:NSUserDomainMask];

then it saves fine.

I've read the Apple Docs on File stuff and can't fix this - what am I missing?

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Unlike the Documents directory, the Application Support directory does not exist in the app's sandbox by default. You need to create it before you can use it.

And a much simpler way to get a reference to the directory is:

NSArray *paths = NSSearchPathForDirectoriesInDomains(NSApplicationSupportDirectory, NSUserDomainMask, YES);
NSString *appSupportDirectory = [paths objectAtIndex:0];