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iPython with different env (using anaconda)

I have just created a new env with python 3.5 using anaconda (called it python35). My root env points to python 2.7.11. I cant seem to launch ipython with this new env, here is what I did

1. in conda prompt, activate required env: activate python35
2. confirm the version: python --version
3. launch ipython: ipython notebook
4. open a notebook and do: import sys; print (sys.version)

Step #2, returns 3.5 but step #4 always gives me 2.7.11, its like ipython is picking up python version from root env. How do I fix this. Thanks for any help!

This question is related but I have already done what it suggests.

Answer Source

AFAIK, different environments in anaconda (and in venv as well) are activated by prepending env path to $PATH environment variable. It means, that if some file (eg, ipython) is not found in env path (the first entry of $PATH), the system searches for it in consequent entries of $PATH and finds it in root environment (that stays in $PATH). To fix the behavior, you need to install its own copy of ipython to anaconda env:

  1. In command prompt, activate the environment: source activate python35 (or simply activate python35, depending on the OS)
  2. While in environment, issue the command conda install ipython-notebook
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