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Getting selected values from a multiple select form in Laravel

For generating a drop-down list with an item selected by default, the following is done:

echo Form::select('size', array('L' => 'Large', 'M' => 'Medium', 'S' => 'Small'), 'S');

So I generated a drop-down list that has more than one item selected by default, in the following way:

echo Form::select('size', array('L' => 'Large', 'M' => 'Medium', 'S' => 'Small'), array('S', 'M'), array('multiple'));

But how do I get the more than one selected values?

returns only the last selected string.

Answer Source

First, if you want to have multiple item selected by default, you have to give an array of values as 3rd parameter, not a simple value.


Form::select('size', array('L' => 'Large', 'M' => 'Medium', 'S' => 'Small'), array('S', 'M'), array('multiple'));

should show the select with S and M selected.

For the second point, you should try to give a name like size[] instead of size, it could be solve the problem (because your posted select is not a simple value, its an array of values)

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