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Unable to set Socket Timeout less than 1000 milliseconds in RequestConfig (Apache HTTP async client 4.1.2)

Following is my code

RequestConfig requestConfig = RequestConfig.custom()

CloseableHttpAsyncClient httpClient = HttpAsyncClients.custom()


According to setSocketTimeout value, it should timeout in 100 ms, but it is taking 1000 ms to timeout. setSocketTimeout is honouring all value greater than 1000 ms, though.

Answer Source

This behavior is intentional. The i/o selector threads need to iterate over existing i/o sessions on a regular basis and trigger socket timeout event in case of i/o inactivity. This operation can get very expensive especially as the number of concurrent sessions grows. By default the i/o select interval is set to 1000 ms, and therefore the granularity of socket timeout by default is 1 sec. One can reduce the select interval and make i/o selector threads iterate over sessions more often at the cost of greater CPU utilization. With select interval of 1ms i/o selector threads will effectively run in a busy loop.

IOReactorConfig ioReactorConfig = IOReactorConfig.custom()
CloseableHttpAsyncClient httpClient = HttpAsyncClients.custom()
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